Hi! My name is Allison, and I am a recent grad of the University of Arkansas, with a major in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Marketing.

I grew up in and call Austin, Texas my home. Growing up in such a unique, colorful, and diverse environment cultivated my taste and creativity, providing me with experiences that I will be able to translate into future projects. Moving and going to school in Arkansas taught me how to adapt to new environments, develop new relationships from scratch, maintain old relationships, and grow deep roots in a community. And wear lots of layers in the winter. And call the hogs.

With professional experience in marketing, social media management, sales, and studies in journalism and business schools, I am equipped to meet a wide variety of challenges in these areas. Though I have a lot to learn, I have a natural visual fluency that is applicable in social media, print and graphic design, photography, display design, interior design, fashion, etc. I am passionate about branding and design, and love defining and developing a brand's voice - both visually as well as in language and copy.

I am gregarious and people-oriented, enthusiastic, creative, curious, and eager to learn and grow.

Other important likes and interests:
- Music
- Hand lettering
- Entrepreneurship
- Interior, fashion, and graphic design
- Environmentally and socially-conscious brands and businesses
- Learning
- Marriage of the left & right brain
- Spending time outside & being active
- Used and recycled clothing
- Lists
- Post-it notes

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